This website is made to explain to you about the UcasCam. As you can read in the forums there are lot of questions about the Ucascam and we want to help you to program the Ucascam. Offcourse our visitors are welcome to send e-mail  enquiries and news about the Ucascam.
As  I always say two know more then one.

Beware >>>  You can't find free files here to watch encrypted pay television. E-mails about this subject will not be anwsered. The  purpose of this website is to exchange information and software programs for programming the Ucascams. 

Welcome on our new website for Ucassupport...It is the intention round you familiar to make with how an Ucas receiver or Cam to program with software so that the receiver a real allcam receiver becomes, many People think that that all possible is with alone a MagicProgrammer only that is not so the first turn have you also an UcasProgrammer necessary

Right you see a twin Program these is really easy for Ucas users 

<< Pcmcia Programmer

This program have you the first turn necessarily as you the matrix cam want to patch so that one complete allcam becomes he comes as soon as you the patch have exported in dreamload to stand and can you him with a Magicprogrammer program It with Pentacrypt or someone else wished version

Ucas Programmer >>

This program becomes uses there many ucas receivers round him in dreamload to get so that he later on programmed can become with the magic program


<< Magic Programmer

This program have you fit necessary as soon as you the Ucas cam already has foresee of software so that it possible becomesround the pentacrypts or other crypt to install


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