This website is made to explain to you about the UcasCam. As you can read in the forums there are lot of questions about the Ucascam and we want to help you to program the Ucascam. Offcourse our visitors are welcome to send e-mail  enquiries and news about the Ucascam.
As  I always say two know more then one.

Beware >>>  You can't find free files here to watch encrypted pay television. E-mails about this subject will not be anwsered. The  purpose of this website is to exchange information and software programs for programming the Ucascams. 

   L o a d e r   P r o g r a m s

With this program you can drop the software on your Ucas Machine or Cam:


You need this program for the Ucas machine to update with the loaderV2_1  So now works the Ucas same as the Magic Module

Hier het Loader programma voor de Xtreme:

Xtreme to Magic

You need this program for the Xtreme to update with the software  So now works the Ucas same as the Magic Module         

Magic Loader :

Magic Loader    

This magic loader you need when you wil place a Pentacrypt or Ucascrypt on your Machine or Cam                  

   H e r e   T h e   L o a d e r s 

Nieuw 22 sep With this  Dreamload you can set the Penta 1.11 on the  Xtreme and @sat 

[  ]


Here the program and loaderV2_1 this program you needed for upgrading the ucas to Magic  

 [  UCAS versie1417 ] [

Update original software for the Ucas

De V1.417 original U-CAS cam soft

   UCAS SecaII update ]

Update for Original seca 2 cards

   T h e   L a t e s t   C r y p t s 

Links to Original Crypts:.... And  also modificated Ucas Crypts ( Testing Files Only )

Original Tetra Gamma and Pentacrypts
Beware do not downloaded the penta  1.11 thisone destroyed your embedded cam

<<<<<   Click Here  >>>>>

30 Dec 2003 Xtreme Multi-Crypt V2.02 Nederlands     

  New in this versione:
- PIN code ge-deactivate in Xtremereceivers, for when you wil activate the
  loader (was 0317)
- Better working in more encryptions.
- Menu is total dutch


now with Nozap         

7 July 2003


Xtreme To Matrix Reload
New Here 
the files you need to make a MR from your Xtreme

New Dutch Firmware for the Nextwave suc 2500 c
v1458dutch Nederlandse firmware

v1458dutch Dutch firmware

 Nextwave C 2500 SUC            

Program ODYST to put the firmware in the Nextwave c 2500 suc 


Settings Nextwave suc 2500 c
Settings voor draaibaar nextwave 

Settings rotation nextwave
  C 2500 SUC  

Settings voor Astra Hotbird C 2500 SUC 

Settings astra/hotbird nextwave
  C 2500 SUC  

Satedit voor de Nextwave C 2500 SUC 


Put the settings in your nextwave  C 2500 SUC  

Nextwave Software 

New 22 sep
Here a  pentacrypt 1.11 Thisone works great on the Nextwave

Pentacrypt 1.11 for the Nextwave 
Works Great


This loaderprogram you need for the Nextwave Receiver

Nextwave to Magic

You need this program for update  the nextwave 
So works the nextwave same as the Magic Module

Loader for the Nexwave reviever read the instruction 

Dreamload_loader for Nextwave

Click here before download

Be ware with this software you can upgrade the Firmware from the Nextwave

Firmware loader 2K232.exe for  the Nextwave


Here the firmware for the Nextwave suc-2500c

Here the best running firmware from this moment

suc-2500cv1.458p the German channels will not hanging longer


U t i l s 

Diverse utils voor de Ucasreceivers en modules

Windows Drivers for the Matrix Cam 

for windows 95 en 98            

Matrix Tools 



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