This website is made to explain to you about the UcasCam. As you can read in the forums there are lot of questions about the Ucascam and we want to help you to program the Ucascam. Offcourse our visitors are welcome to send e-mail  enquiries and news about the Ucascam.
As  I always say two know more then one.

Beware >>>  You can't find free files here to watch encrypted pay television. E-mails about this subject will not be anwsered. The  purpose of this website is to exchange information and software programs for programming the Ucascams. 



Before you can program UCAS receiver or UCAS cam with pentacrypt software using a Magic Module programmer, you need to first of all to update it with another software.


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You need this:

UCAS Programmer

Magic Module Programmer

So As you know there are differents ucas programmers for sale i have on the index page let see that now also the twinprogrammer for sale is this programmer works in the ucas and magic module you need then one programmer.

For now you need first the Ucas Programmer
After that you need the Magic Programmer 

What do you need

1. Systems Win98, Win2000, or WinXP
2. Loader Application: loader_setup.exe 
3. Loader file: loaderV2_1.upd   
4. Null modem serial  cable
5. And a UCAS Receiver or UCAS Cam

Fase 2

The UCAS module should be updateded with a loader and for that reason the necessary software must be copied to your desktop computer hard disk
If you do not have this software:
Download or copy loader application and loader file to your local hard drive.
You can find this software in the download section

After this the following files should be copied to your PC hard disk

1. Loadersetup.exe
2. LoaderV2_1.upd 

Double Click on the Loader_setup.exe

The installation should begins

Choose your Operating system

When you have done thatclick on Next

Choose a  subfolder where you can copy the program

Beware: Remember where you copied  the program so that you can recall it again.

During the installation there will be  a popup as below.Click on Continue Anyway

When the installation is ready you can close the setup

Before we continue, we must make sure that the CAM has UCAS 2.0 software on it. Insert the CAM into the DVB set top box and go into the menu. Access the CAM setup to check the UCAS version:

Connect one end of the null modem serial cable to the COM port of the Desktop Computer


Connect the other end of the null modem serial cable to the serial card extension and insert it into the CAM (which should be already inside the DVB set top box):
Once inserted, the red light on the serial card extension will turn on for a few seconds, then off, on again, and then off:

  <<<< the red led is turned on

From the following screen, press "OK" on the DVB set top box

From the following menu, scroll down until "download" is highlighted... 
DO NOT press "OK" yet!

From the desktop computer, find the loader application you installed earlier and double-click to start the program:

The program should launch and it looks like the following

Go to File and choose for Select

Select the file loaderV2_1.UPD this file can you find in the subfolder where you copied the loader.Click on  Open

The loader file should appear in the box after "Name

Go to Settings |Serial... select the appropriate port and 57600 as the baude rate. Then click "Download Now!" to start the firmware patch

DO NOT extract the CAM until notified to do so!!! Disconnect the CAM when notified to "Please, extract the CAM":

Now press "OK" twice on the DVB set top box to select "Download" from the following menu 

This should bring you to the following screen

The progress bar will reach all the way to the end, but DO NOT REMOVE the CAM!

Once the DVB set top box display changes from the screen in step 22 back to the "CA Setup" screen below, the patch is complete:


Turn off the DVB set top box, remove the serial extension card, restart the DVB set top box, and go to the menu. Access the CA setup to initialize the cam and check that the DREAM LOAD firmware has been installed:

Now can you go to the magictrance site and program your UCAS with a pentacrypt or with another version.

Do not use the penta 1.10 or 1.11 

Thanks Victor for the Translation


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